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Memrise: A Language Learning Godsend

by - June 20, 2017

I've used memrise on and off for the past 6 months, learning a bunch of words one day and then forgetting to log in until 3 weeks later, when those words were already long gone from my memory. In the Japanese language learning community especially SRS based learning programs (like Anki) are really big. I've tried Anki a few times, but it was not my cup of tea. 

However, I came across Memrise and decided to test out how an SRS learning program can help me learn -- provided that I log in everyday!

What is SRS?

SRS means Spaced Repetition System. It spaces out material you've already learned and classifies them into 'reviews' so that new vocabulary is tested in a rotation and the learner retains them indefinitely. Basically, if I learn the word 'dog' on Monday, it might come up in my reviews on Wednesday and on Friday. 

What is Memrise?

Memrise is a language learning app for basically every device. It uses SRS to teach vocab and grammar and the courses are designed by fellow users. There are also some courses Memrise develops themselves, and those usually have cool features such as having videos of native speakers pronouncing the words. Memrise has an option for a payment plan to unlock more features, but after doing research into this and asking around, most people who have premium say you don't need it.

Memrise also has a leaderboard system where you can see how many points you've earned along with the people you follow. Not only that, but you get badges based on how many points you have in total, how many days you've logged in, etc.

So now I'll show you all what I'm currently studying:

These are my completed courses. I want to run through Tae Kim a bit so I did these. These were super easy, it was mostly just for me to feel like I tackled some Tae Kim courses.

The core Japanese courses has the basically 6 thousand words you'll need to know. I started this one a bit later, along with the one above it which I started right after I finished my other course.

I consider myself N3 level in regards to the JLPT, however I'm going through all the N4 courses just to make sure I know absolutely everything. A bit too through? Maybe....

By doing Memrise every single day for about 9 days, this is what I've noticed:

  1.  I retain all the vocabulary
  2.  I've found myself using said vocabulary outside of Memrise
  3.  I've established a comfortable pattern where I complete my daily goal but still want to learn more, so I've progressed a lot and even upped my daily goal to 15 minutes a day.
In the future I plan to up my daily goal to the third level, because I'm really seeing benefits after only 9 days! I highly encourage adding some kind of SRS system to your language learning regime~

If you'd like to follow me on Memrise, my username is nihonarisu! 

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