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Kanji Intensive Program Week 17 Overview and Week 18!

by - June 04, 2017

Hello! Welcome back to another KIP post! As promised, I've completed my Kanji journal pages from last week and the week before. They'll be posted down below, and sorry if they are a bit shaky! I was writing on my bed, which isn't a great surface.

Here are the Kanji I learned last week!

My Thoughts:

I started these Kanji a bit later because I was on vacation, so I wonder if I really had enough time to absorb them. The majority of them were not very difficult however I found myself forgetting 勝. Other than that, it's becoming clear that I'm wandering into Kanji territory where I have never seen the kanji before. I'm curious as to how I'll learn kanji I have no background in. I'll try to search through everything and find ones I know, but there aren't many left!

Here are my Kanji for this week!

Here are the scanned pages of my journal, as promised!

I feel like my scans are getting messier :/

I'll see you next week with a (hopefully) neater notebook!

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