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Kanji Intensive Program: Week 15 Overview & Week 16!

by - May 21, 2017

Good afternoon everyone! Finals are over and I'm back home for the summer. Hope you had a great end to the semester!

The board is full!! Yay!!

Last week I learned the following Kanji:

My Thoughts:

Though I had to learn these Kanji during finals week, they weren't too bad! It helped that I knew about 50% of them beforehand (I've seen them used but never knew how to write them), but I really learned all of them with ease. Next week I'll be in Florida basically the whole time, but I'll try my best not to slack off on my Kanji Study~

My Kanji Journal

Here are my Kanji for this week!

See you next week!! So excited for vacation!!!

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  1. Hey Alice, keep up the good work.

    Some tips for your handwriting:
    - Try and keep the 糸 radical more contained, as if in a box, so that the top layer isn't sticking out the side. (This is hard to explain without an image)

    - This probably depends more on handwriting, but I think the 阝 could be flatter at the top, with the upper "loop" smaller than the lower one.

    - I think you should put your radicals closer together in general, and try and make it take up the same space as the other characters.

    - Furthermore, as characters get more complex, you'll probably have to get used to compressing radicals while still containing the proportions of it. For example, you can compress 景 so that the boxes (日 and 口) are less tall, and make the two parts in 観 less wide, and so on.

    1. Thank you!!! I'll work on that radical, I see what you mean.

      As for the complex characters, I actually haven't learned those yet and was just taking a stab at it based on appearance, but I'll keep your tips in mind for when I get to learning them!!! Thank you for your comment!!