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Kanji Intensive Program Week 14 Overview and Week 15

by - May 14, 2017

Happy Mothers Day everyone!

I'll just jump into the post, but before I do I want to say good luck to everyone taking finals next week! I believe in you!!!

Last week I learned the following Kanji:

My Thoughts:

I was really on top of my Kanji journal this week and I'm proud to show it off! As for Kanji Study, I wasn't having much fun this week simply because I was studying for other exams and it felt like a ton of work. I got through it though! As for my journal, I really found that I enjoy doing it a lot more than the Kanji Sheets, even though it's more work :)

My Kanji Journal

The scans turned out a little wonky! Hope these are okay.

Here are my Kanji for this week!

5/14 - 5/21

Once again I'll be attempting the journal approach!!! See you next week!

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