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The Life of an American College Student

by - April 19, 2017

I thought it would be interesting to give some insight to what my life is like as an American college student. Specifically, a college student in New York!

This will be a basic runthrough of a random day in my week, what classes look like, what I eat, etc. I hope you like this type of post and if you do let me know and I'll definitely make more. I made this back in February and intended to post it sooner, but midterms and the break really got the best of me!


10:00 -- Wake Up

I wake up at 10 am pretty much everyday of the week, even though my classes don't start until 1:15 pm at the earliest. On Mondays, my first class is at 2:45. Waking up early gives me more than enough time to eat breakfast, do my makeup and even run some errands if I need to. Today is one of those days where I have errands to run -- picking up a package at the campus mail center.

10:30 -- Do makeup

Not the best image but hey! It was dark!

I spend about 20-30 minutes doing my makeup every morning. Recently, I've been having skin issues because the weather has been so up and down. I do my makeup in front of a wax melter light and a big mirror I got from Walmart. The light provides a yellowish sunlight type of glow.

11:05 -- Out the door

Argo Tea -- Our cafe

Before I get my package, I walked with my boyfriend to the campus cafe to pick up some breakfast. We don't usually do this, but I had extra time on my hands since the mail center opens at 12. I got a Spinach and Roasted Tomato panini, and ate it outside as I watched people travel from class to class. It was nice for the first 30 minutes but my hands started to get cold so I finished up and headed to the mail center.

12:00 -- Pick up my package

My shoe is the brown boot at the bottom

I got there 10 minutes early so I stood in line a little bit before the package center opened. After opening, it took me about 5 minutes to get in and out, package in hand. I headed to the Science Library to do some work while I waited for my class to start.

12:15 -- Hanging out in the Science Library

I put a little cloud sticky note over my webcam whenever I'm not using it. It's just a thing I do -- I know it's weird. During my free time in the Science Library I wrote some more drafts for this blog (yay!) and made a call regarding some study abroad forms I have to turn in (yawn)

2:30 -- Head to my first class of the day

Finally the time has come for me to actually go to class! I have an Information in the 21st Century class and honestly, even though I'm taking it, I really don't know what the point of the class is. 

2:45 -- Class starts

Every class I save a seat for my two friends who come a little later, so we can all sit together. 

4:05 -- Class ends

Usually at 4:15 I would have my Education class - Exploring Teaching As a Profession. Today, I checked the class schedule he gave us and saw there was no class today! Just an online lab where we can collab with some classmates on an upcoming project! Yay!!!

Evidence of said miracle

4:15 -- Grab some lunch

I went to the campus center with my friend Sota to get a salad! They have a lot of options like sandwiches, pizza, and burritos. I got a salad with Balsamic dressing (my favorite).

4:45 -- Library again

Sota and I headed back to the library since he has a big test to study for. I had nothing to study for and my laptop battery was getting low, so I just worked on the coding of the blog and played a village game on my phone. At around 5:30 I realized I had a ton of laundry to do that was sitting in my room, so I told Sota I had to run. 

5:45 -- Back to my dorm

I head back to my dorm intending to do laundry, but end up relaxing on my bed. Oops.  

7:30 -- Dinner

I eat dinner in the dining hall because my dorm doesn't have a kitchen. In my school, most sophomores don't have kitchens unless you live in off campus housing that doesn't have a dining hall. I was really looking into doing that this semester, but the stress of moving kind of ruined the idea. I eat mostly vegetarian in the dining hall, and that's helped me stay slim!

The dining hall has a salad bar, a yogurt and fruit bar, a pizza section, a dessert section and two hot food sections.  They also have a special section for people with allergies. Though this sounds like a lot, it's impossible to find food sometimes.

8:00 -- Homework

I usually do my homework for my online classes on Monday night so I don't have to worry about them during the week. I do most of my homework in my room, especially these days because it's so cold so walking to the library isn't really an option.

10:13 -- Free Time

During my free time I usually watch a movie or TV show. Tonight I'm watching TV with my boyfriend, finishing up a show we both like. What I do around this time usually depends on the day!

1:00 -- Bedtime

I usually sleep around 1 am, since my classes are late and I'm able to get 8 hours of sleep easily.

I hope you liked this post! Sorry this took so long to come out, I kept forgetting to take shots of the dining hall haha.  Thanks for reading!

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