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Kanji Intensive Program Week 12 Overview and Week 13

by - April 30, 2017

Good evening! So, I am officially done with all N4 Kanji, and I'm really excited to start learning the Kanji for N3. I attempted to do the journal idea I stated in my previous post but I'm torn whether I should get a new journal or use one I have. 

If I continue at the pace I'm currently going at I should be able to able to pick up about 180 new Kanji before my plane takes off from Waseda! That's a lofty goal and I hope I can stick with it, but I might gradually reform this program as time goes on, or even start a new one!

So last week I learned the following Kanji:

Here is my completed Kanji sheet (Ignore the extra line lol)

My Thoughts:

Overall, this Kanji set wasn't too bad, but I found myself mistaking a few of them for the other simply because of the common radicals. As I move into territory in which I don't know the readings or some example words for the Kanji, I want to work on creating a sort of learning scrapbook I can use on the go. Maybe I could paste my Kanji sheets in there as well? 

I'm just kind of thinking out loud here, but I want to get some concrete ideas that give me more exposure to the Kanji.

Officially, here are my NEW N3 Kanji for this week!!!!!

4/30 - 5/6

I'm starting with the Kanji I have a grasp on and will eventually move on to ones I've never seen before!

Here is my Kanji Sheet for this week!

I'm having printer issues so I might not be able to print my sheet out this week, and might instead scan some journal entries.

See you next week!

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