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Kanji Intensive Program Week 10 & 11 Overview, and Week 12!

by - April 24, 2017

I apologize for making this post so late, 2 weeks late in fact. I attempted to take on 20 kanji in a week, only to discover it was a much more difficult task than I had imagined. Therefore, I took another week to really study those kanji and get them down pat.

However, I haven't done so well with Kanji Study, and ended up missing a few days. Also, Blogger has been fussy these days whenever I try to upload images.

With final projects approaching soon, I've fallen off the wagon and so I want to try to bring things back to how they were.

Here's to a better Week 12!

During weeks 10 and 11 I learned the following Kanji:

(I have a feeling I might have reposted some.. hmm)

My Thoughts:

Basically, I discovered the 20 a week was way too much for me. I took 2 weeks to totally study everything because there were just a few I couldn't grasp in just one week. 

Also, at this point I'm starting Kanji that I haven't really seen before and/or haven't used, so it's a little more difficult than before when I knew most of the readings beforehand but couldn't write it.

Lastly, I think the process should contain some slight reformations because I'm wandering into unknown Kanji territory. I've been considering how to approach it for a while and I've basically deduced the following.

1. In a journal, I will keep track of each Kanji and it's readings, along with examples of usage.

2. I will complete 1 Kanji sheet every week

3. I will continue using the app everyday and aim for perfect usage

4. I will continue to scan my Kanji sheets in the future.

Hopefully I can train myself to stick to these 4 points!

All that being said, here are my Kanji for this week:

4/23 - 4/29

(This wraps up all N4 Kanji, so there are only 9. Starting next week I will learning N3 level Kanji)

Here is my Kanji sheet for this week!

Thanks for being patient with me!

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