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5 Helpful Websites for Living in Japan

by - April 21, 2017

I think this is a cool cover photo...

On my computer I've gathered a small folder full of websites I believe will help me when I am living abroad.
Here are 5 websites that I feel will benefit basically anyone who's wants to live/ is living in Japan! These sites will make life a little easier for you, and give you some great resources.

1. Cafe/ Coffee Shops where Wireless LAN can be used  無線LANが使えるカフェ・喫茶店(非メジャーチェーン店舗)β版

This site is made by someone who travels around to cafes and coffee shops (not major chain ones like Starbucks). This map stopped being updated in August of 2011, but I still feel like it's a great resources simply because it maps a good amount of cafes in both Osaka and Tokyo! Here is the full map.

When you click on one of the blue place tags, it shows details such as the address, hours and what kind of Wifi is used there. 

I hope this is helpful for those who love to cafe hop!

2. Cost of Living in Japan

This site is super useful for those not yet in Japan who want to check the prices of groceries, restaurants, child care, rent, etc. Keep in mind that these prices are in JPY! You can change it to reflect whatever currency you use. I like the fact that you can see the average price based on a range, which is what is depicted in green. 

You can search via prefecture, but they only have some 本州 areas, which are places on the main island of Japan. 

 They also give you little factoids based on where you live (for me that's the United States). Keep in mind this is an average, but still a nice point to know!

All in all, this is a super helpful and informative site and I really hope you check it out!

3. TheJapanFAQ.com

If you are seriously looking into living in Japan, this site is an absolute MUST READ. It's a lot of text and information, so I would recommend bookmarking this page and reading it in sections. This web page has 3 parts:

This page contains an amazing amount of in depth information regarding anything you can think of regarding Japan. I guarantee this will teach you something new about life in Japan that you didn't know before. Questions you might be wondering are also addressed in each blurb, such as 'How do I send money home?' and 'How much can I take through customs?' The site also provides a plethora of important phone numbers that could really help you out!

Lastly, at the bottom of the page the author lists other useful sites (as you can see... I've clicked a few of them!) I will admit, a few of them are broken links, like the photo tour of Tokyo and the ISP FAQ. Regardless, I encourage you to take a look.

4. Multilingual Living Information

Similar to TheJapanFAQ, the Multilingual Living Information site contains a ton of information about living in Japan as a foreigner. If you click any of these topics it will bring you to a page dedicated to that topic. If you click one of the subtopics, a PDF will open. 

I haven't totally read through this site, but I've kept it bookmarked for when I'm actually in Japan.

5. GaijinPot

I'm sure you already know about GaijinPot, but I couldn't help but squeeze them into this post simply because they have so many facets! They are publishing some really cool articles these days, and I love the new site layout.

GaijinPot has a database for jobs, studying, travel deals and apartments in Japan. 

I personally plan to use GaijinPot to search for a job after I graduate college!

I hope you liked this post and found all these sites helpful! I recommend bookmarking all of them and starting a little 'Life in Japan' folder yourself 💙

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