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Kanji Intensive Program (KIP) Week 7 Overview and Week 8

by - March 26, 2017

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you had a good week~

This week I did my KanjiStudy app everyday, which I'm very proud of! It took some active reminders on the app's part though (I turned notifications on so if I haven't done the app by 9 PM I get a pop-up on my phone).

Here are the Kanji I learned last week!

My Thoughts

This week I learned 11 Kanji to make up for forgetting 着 last week! This week I got back on my flow of doing my Kanji sheets, and I felt like doing them really helped me retain the Kanji and feel comfortable about stroke order. Overall, a great week!

Here are my KanjiSheets from last week!

Here are my Kanji for this week!

3/26 - 4/1

Here is my KanjiSheet for this week!

Hopefully this week another post will be going up around Friday containing my End of March Photo Collection~! Stay tuned!!!!

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