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Kanji Intensive Program (KIP) Week 5 Overview and Week 6!

by - March 12, 2017

Happy Spring Break college students! I have a confession to make: Yesterday I took a nap at around 6 and didn't wake up until past midnight, so needless to say my Saturday log for KanjiStudy is at a whopping zero. I was just starting to get a good streak going too! Anyway, here's my log:

Let's pretend Saturday never happened...

Here are the Kanji I learned last week:

My Thoughts:

This week was fairly simple, but I did struggle a little with the stroke order for ็”ป. Due to midterms, I didn't get to spend as much time with these kanji, and while I feel like I grasp them right now I wonder if I'll have to come back to them later on. Another big thing was that for the first time I didn't finish my Kanji Sheets. I finished one and half of the second one. For this reason, during Spring Break I'm going to use the KanjiStudy app exclusively and not do KanjiSheets until I return to school.

Instead of KanjiSheets, here are some avocados:


Here are my Kanji for this week!

 3/12 - 3/19

Have a great spring break everyone!!

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