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Kanji Intensive Program (KIP) Week 4 Overview and Week 5!

by - March 05, 2017

Happy Sunday everyone! I'm a bit late on this post because I went home for the weekend to celebrate a friend's birthday. I took the photo above and am currently contemplating whether or not to use it as the new 'KIP Official' Post photo. The thing is, I don't like how it looks when I put words on it. I guess I'll see! Lastly, it has officially been over a month since I started this program and I have seen AMAZING benefits. If you're learning Japanese I guarantee this program will help you learn at least 35 Kanji a month!

I'm really proud of my progress this week, I got 100 percent on all my days! I also posted my app review of the KanjiStudy app, which gave an indepth look at the app I'm using for this challenge. If you haven't seen it yet, click here to read all about it!

These are the 10 kanji I learned last week:

My Thoughts:

Okay so this week had some surprising stroke orders! For 強, I had no idea that the radical on the left side was actually broken up into 3 parts -- I thought it was all one fluid movement. Also, the direction of the second stroke ( --> this way) tripped me up more than a few times! 度 was the kanji that really threw me for a loop this week, so much so that I made a little video of myself writing it! Please excuse the ugly Blogger video layout, from now on I'll try to make all my little video-esque things GIFs!

As you can kind of see, it has a really interesting stroke order that blew me away when I first started writing it. I was so shocked that I actually had some Japanese friends write it themselves, and confirm it was the actual order.

Here are my completed Kanji sheets!

(Bit of a new background)

Here are my Kanji for this week!

3/5 - 3/11

I'm worried about keeping up with this week (because it's midterms week) but I'll give it my best shot! As always, I am using a combination of the Kanji Study app for Android to review and the site KanjiSheets to make my print outs!

Here's my print out for this week!

Have a great week everyone! And to everyone with midterms this week -- Good luck! You got this!

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