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New Project! Kanji Intensive Program

by - February 19, 2017

I've decided to dedicate myself to learning more Kanji, as my current skills are a bit disappointing. I'm not someone who's good with long term projects, so I really want to give this one my all! I'm secretly hoping by sharing this on my blog, it will at least guilt me into doing work when I get lazy (hopefully).
What's the project?
Every week, I will learn 10 new Kanji. I will learn to read, write, and identify them as best I can. I'm going to do this by using print-out practice sheets and keeping a little journal of how each week goes on the blog!

This Week 2/5-2/12

Here are my Kanji for this week! I am using the app Kanji Study for Android to pick out Kanji. I paid $9.99 to unlock all JLPT levels for this app, and I know that sounds like a crazy price but I think it's totally worth it. The interface is amazing and it really makes learning organized and easy!

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